Mr. Miguel Cruchinho (BaEXSS)

Miguel is from Australia. He moved to the UK in 2014 originally to play football professionally. Since then he has run multiple successful fitness studios across London. He has a degree in exercise sports science from Sydney University (BaEXSS) and has 11 years’ experience in the health and fitness industry.
With his knowledge, experience and skills he brings his innovative, exciting brand to Loughton! You can expect high energy, variation and personality in all his workouts!

Miguel is known for his dancing and singing skills in his sessions which he attributes to him training for the X Factor – be warned! Clients call him “The Boss.”


Dr. Catherine Papadopoulos (MRCGP, DRCOG, MBBS)

She is a sessional GP working in North East London specialising in women’s health and is extremely passionate about her role as a doctor. She believes in maintaining a healthy work–life balance and the importance of exercise in all health conditions. It has certainly helped her deal with many a stressful day!

When she’s not seeing patients you will find her working out or assisting Miguel in the Peak Physique Studio. Clients call her “The Doc.”


Nick Doughty

Nick has over 17 years of experience as a PT. He is a level 4 personal trainer and a clinical corrective exercise specialist.

He offers structured and advanced techniques to rehabilitate, educate or progress individuals including professional athletes regardless of their fitness or nutritional needs.

Not only has he cycled the country for charity but he is an amateur boxer and came 3rd in London’s strongman competition!


Andrea Moyses

Andrea’s passion is teaching classes. She has been an instructor for over 15 years. She loves watching members getting into shape mentally and physically.

Seeing them achieve their results and reach their goals for her is just the best reward.



Katie’s philosophy is to help educate people about injury and to go directly to the cause. With a degree in Sport Science and a Master’s in Sports Rehabilitation, she is able to combine the knowledge to create treatments and rehab plans suited to the individual’s needs.

She likes to combine strength based exercises alongside her treatments and can offer a variety of treatments such as massage, taping and cupping, with more on the way!